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Lesotho Capital: Maseru Currency: Loti (1 EUR = 15 LSL = 1 South African Rand) Language: English, Sesotho Budget: + What to do in Lesotho? Lesotho, the kingdom in the sky, is…


Maseru: *


Maletsunyane falls: ***


Teyateyaneng : *


Katse Dam: **


Sani Pass: ***




  • Capital: Maseru
  • Currency: Loti (1 EUR = 15 LSL = 1 South African Rand)
  • Language: English, Sesotho
  • Budget: +

What to do in Lesotho?

Lesotho, the kingdom in the sky, is an unkown country surrounded by South Africa that I never thought I would ever visit. But I’m so glad I did…This country is so unorthodox and so different from everywhere! It’s simply unique…What makes it unique? Its kind and generous people, its beautiful mountains, its poverty (one of the poorest country of Africa) and problems, its light and altitude,… If you’re looking to be amazed, to be suprised like never before by the poverty yet kindness and beauty of its people, if you want to explore wild plains and mountains, Lesotho is for you.

Maseru: *

Nothing much in the capital of the country…Though it is one of the few cities in which you can find everything you want: accomodation, good internet access, supermarkets,…The only airport in Lesotho is in Maseru and only connects with Johannesburg. The main bus station of the country is there as well. IMG_9835rc_1.jpg

Food and drinks:

  • You will notice that the variety of fruits and vegetables is quite limited but still very tasty!
  • Mostly south african products
  • Pap…(maize porridge)

How to travel around in Lesotho:

  • by car if you have one: the roads are not that bad but be carefull while driving (drive slow!) because there are a lot of people or animals on the roads and careless drivers…You’ll probably be stopped by the police a lot! No problems if you show them your driving licence but if they are stubborn, you’ll just have to give them some money.
  • by local mini-bus: pretty great for the experience. It takes time especially because the country is full of mountains but it’s good to have a local taste!

Maletsunyane falls: ***

Close to the town of Semonkong, the Maletsunyane falls are really impressive! In the middle of a huge plain, there is a big canyon in which passes the falls. The view is great and the trail to the falls from the bus station is amazing as well because you’ll pass through villages where people still live in small rocky huts, travelling by horse-riding and wearing these typical colored blankets you only find in rural Lesotho. Great opportunity to meet the locals and be stunned by this unique country! IMG_9683cr_1.jpg

If you have some money to spend and you want to spend the night there, the Semonkong lodge is a great and beautiful place to rest. You can also rent a horse there to do some horseback riding in the region.

Teyateyaneng : *

Close to Maseru, Teyateyaneng, or TY if you want to talk like locals, is not that attractive for tourists. The reason why I mention it here is that there is an association there, in which I actually volunteered for 2 weeks, that can be a nice opportunity for you to help the local community. This local association is called Najojo Better Living Mission Association. I don’t want to make advertisement here but to summarize, it is a medical association that takes care of the people incapable of getting to the hospital or paying for medical care. Great association, great doctors with big hearts,…

They are looking for volunteers to help them for short or long periods. They provide accomodation and food (most of the time), in exchange for your help. If you are interested, here is the website of the association: https://najojoblma.wordpress.com/.

Feel free to contact me for more info! IMG_9808.JPG

Katse Dam: **

The region is simply stunning…the landscape is great and the region is so remote that you’ll feel like you’re the first one to ever go there! It’s a great place to do some trekking. You can get there by bus from Maseru or by car of course.IMG_9554_1cr.jpg

Sani Pass: ***

At the border with South Africa, the Sani pass is the highest pass of the country. Great landscape I heard! But make sure to have a 4×4 or to go with a tour if you want to go there. A regular 2×4 car won’t make it…


  • Afriski: the only ski station in Africa if i’m not mistaken!

Tips to save money:

  • Lesotho is really cheap as it is one of the poorest countries in Africa! So eating like locals in the small fast-food shops or buying food at the supermarket won’t bring much a difference to your wallet.
  • Don’t go with a south african tour to Lesotho! Visit it by yourself! By bus or car!
  • Accomodation is quite pricy in Lesotho so it’s better to camp
  • Hitchhike or use public transportation

Why go to Lesotho:

  • the landscape is great and wild!
  • the people are amazing
  • it’s cheap
  • it’s different and unique, it will make you question your lifestyle
  • it’s safe! Not like South Africa!


As you maybe understood, Lesotho is a country I really loved!

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